13-Year-Old Prodigy, Joshua Agboola, Becomes Africa’s Youngest Certified Amazon Web Services Developer Associate

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13-year-old programmer Joshua Agboola has emerged as the youngest certified Amazon Web Services (AWS) developer associate in Africa. Master Agboola achieved this extraordinary feat after acing a grueling two-hour examination that put his skills and knowledge in deploying, troubleshooting, and development on the AWS cloud platform to the test.

Cloud services, which include infrastructure, platforms, or software hosted by third-party providers and made available to users through the internet, have become increasingly significant in the technology landscape. For a young prodigy like Master Agboola, mastering this domain at such a tender age is truly awe-inspiring.

Speaking during an interview in Lagos on Sunday, Master Agboola revealed that his inspiration to pursue this certification came from his exceptional performance in the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner examination earlier in the year. Encouraged by his father to reach new heights, he set his sights on the next level of certification.

Initially planning to prepare for the Solutions Architect Associate certification, which is a common choice in the AWS cloud journey, Master Agboola’s determination shifted when an older friend, also a programmer, encouraged him to aim for the tougher Developer Associate certification. Undeterred by the challenge, the young talent embarked on his intensive study regimen, spending two to five hours daily for six weeks to prepare for the test.

Master Agboola’s passion for DevOps also fueled his drive, making him even more determined to succeed in the cloud space. The possibility of clinching the title of the youngest developer associate in the world, akin to setting a world record in the cloud space, further fueled his motivation.

His dedication and hard work paid off when he successfully passed the examination, attaining the Developer Associate certification at the tender age of 13. News of his extraordinary achievement quickly spread, and it caught the attention of a tech company in Lagos, offering to provide him with further technical mentorship. As Africa’s youngest certified Amazon Web Services developer associate, Master Agboola’s accomplishments have garnered admiration and respect from the tech community and beyond.

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