Abuja Airport Records 25.96Million Passengers in Seven Years

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According to information from the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airports in Abuja helped move 25.96 million passengers between January 2016 and December 2022.

Statistics revealed that during the course of seven years, 12,931,396 domestic passengers arrived and 13,031,601 left.

3,264,233 people used the airport in 2016, with 1,643,206 arriving and 1,621,027 departing.

And the next year, there were 1,404,455 arrivals and 1,382,123 departures, totaling 2,786,578, a 14.6% increase over 2016.

Additionally, the data revealed that 1,712,974 arrivals and 1,649,462 departures occurred in 2018.

While the overall figure increased by 20.7% over the prior year.

4,633,385 passengers passed through the Abuja airport in total in 2019, of which 2,209,048 arrived and 2,168,179 departed.

2,509,295 passengers passed through the airport the next year, representing 1,212,672 arrivals and 1,296,623 departures, a 42.14 percent increase in the number of users.

According to additional data analysis, 4,633,385 passengers used the airport in 2021, an increase of 84.64% over the number of users registered the year before. While 2,414,716 people left the airport, 2,218,669 people arrived.

A total of 5,029,843 passengers passed through the airport in 2022, including 2,530,372 arrivals and 2,499,471 departures, according to reports. When compared to the prior year, this was a rise of 8.6%.

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