Adebimpe Akinfolajimi: The Nigerian Queen of Event Planning and Management

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Over the years in Nigeria, Adebimpe Akinfolajimi has become a name synonymous with excellence, selfless service, and compassion. We take a deep dive into her extraordinary journey, highlighting her numerous accolades, profound impact, and exciting plans for the future.

Adebimpe Akinfolajimi has been the recipient of numerous awards, each resounding her exceptional contributions in the world of events and beyond. From the Outstanding Female in Business Award in Ghana to being named Event Planner of the Year, Adebimpe’s garment is laced with accolades. She’s been recognized as the Creative Caterer of the Year, a title truly reflective of her innovative spirit and commitment to perfection.

Notably, Adebimpe’s tireless efforts were acknowledged on an international stage, earning her the African Security Watch Award in Dubai as the Most Outstanding Charity Organization. The recognition as a humanitarian by NAPS and the Honorary Award of Excellence in Events Services at the MAYA Awards further solidifies her position as a distinguished pacesetter.

The pinnacle of recognition came with the Most Innovative Event Company of the Year award by Prime Excellence Recognition Award (PERA), an honor that underlines her unparalleled contributions to the event management industry.

In a candid reflection on her journey, Adebimpe shared, “my career has seen numerous achievements. I’ve been in the event industry for 21 years, training in the UK, Dubai, and Turkey. My proudest moment was when some of my scholarship students graduated. It was a moment I’ll never forget.”

Adebimpe’s commitment to education and empowering others shines through. Her scholarships have breathed life into dreams, and her foundation’s work has extended a helping hand to many. “Every penny I spend is from my hard work. The legacy I leave is to always help people. That’s the legacy I give them, and that’s the legacy I’m leaving for those that are coming,” she emphasized.

Looking ahead, Adebimpe has grand plans to further expand her influence and impact. She envisions taking her event management expertise beyond borders, reaching states across Nigeria and stretching out into the African continent. Adebimpe envisions a first-of-its-kind Event Management Conference, uniting event planners from all corners of Nigeria to share insights, experiences, and strategies, elevating the industry to new heights.

Also, there are plans in the pipeline to build free homes for widows and their kids and as the saying goes, the apple does not fall from the tree, her daughter who is also a passionate humanitarian is being mentored to uphold the legacy of her mother and further the course of HONEYBOLS FOUNDATION for generations to come.

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