Africa’s Biggest Tech Showcase to Debut in Nigeria

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The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) and Kaoun, the organizer of GITEX, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to bring GITEX Africa, the continent’s largest tech showcase, to Nigeria in 2025.

The agreement was formalized on Thursday afternoon by Kachifu Inuwa, Director General of NITDA, and Trixie LohMirmand, CEO of Kaoun. This significant development will see the renowned tech event hosted in both Lagos and Abuja, with tentative dates set for September 2025.

Trixie LohMirmand emphasized the uniqueness of the upcoming event, stating, “We’re not planning to bring the same GITEX happening around the world. We want to bring a unique formula that aligns with the national strategy of Nigeria.” This approach aims to tailor the event to the specific needs and strengths of the Nigerian tech ecosystem.

Nigeria, known as Africa’s most populous nation, boasts a dynamic and rapidly growing technology sector. Hosting GITEX Africa will shine a spotlight on the country’s burgeoning tech scene, offering an unprecedented platform for local startups and innovations to gain global exposure.

Kachifu Inuwa highlighted the strategic importance of the event, noting, “President Tinubu is big and loud on economic diversification and you cannot trade in isolation. The President has mandated us to facilitate parts of this diversification.” The initiative aligns with the national agenda to diversify Nigeria’s economy and integrate it more deeply into the global tech landscape.

The announcement has generated considerable excitement within the Nigerian tech community and beyond. By hosting GITEX Africa, Nigeria will not only showcase its technological advancements but also attract international investors and stakeholders, fostering collaborations and driving economic growth.

The tech showcase promises to be a game-changer for Nigeria, providing a significant boost to the country’s tech industry and affirming its position as a leading tech hub in Africa.

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