Beyond Waves and Tides: WISTA’s Blueprint Unleashes Nigeria’s Maritime Potential

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A Game-Changing Maritime Revolution

The Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association (WISTA) Nigeria hosted its annual business luncheon in Lagos, in a pivotal gathering of maritime leaders and experts. The event, held under the theme “BLUE ECONOMY: POTENTIALS FOR REBUILDING & REPOSITIONING NIGERIA’S MARITIME INDUSTRY,” showcased insightful discussions, presentations, and calls for collaborative efforts to propel Nigeria’s maritime sector into a new era of prosperity.

Eunice Ezeoke, WISTA President’s Vision for Blue Economy:

Eunice Ezeoke, the President of WISTA, set the tone for the conference by highlighting the importance of the blue economy in reshaping Nigeria’s maritime landscape. She emphasized the need for diversification from the oil and gas sector, aligning with global trends toward sustainable economic growth. Ezeoke applauded the establishment of the Ministry of the Marine and Blue Economy, positioning Nigeria alongside nations like Denmark and Norway committed to harnessing maritime resources for economic development.

Doyin Rhodes-Vivour Advocates for Harnessing Nigeria’s Maritime Resources

Doyin Rhodes-Vivour, Managing Partner of Doyin Rhodes – Vivour & Co, emphasized Nigeria’s vast potential in the maritime sector. She presented a compelling case for unlocking the economic benefits of the blue economy, envisioning a Nigeria that commands trade, riches, and technological development by strategically tapping into its natural maritime resources.

The discussion panel, featuring esteemed individuals such as Dr. Felicia Mogo, Charles Okaga, Barrister Gloria Kanabe, Barrister Foluke Akinmoladun, Dr. Eugene Itua, and Mr. Emmanuel Maiguwa, covered critical topics including sustainability, port management, legal aspects, natural resources, maritime security, and Nigeria’s participation in international forums. Key takeaways included the evolution of the new economy agenda, the importance of partnership and collaboration, the benefits of the blue economy, challenges in the maritime sector, the impact of climate change, and the call for indigenous participation in shipping.

Temisan Omatseye’s Call for Nigeria’s Maritime Renaissance

Temisan Omatseye, Former DG NIMASA, presented a compelling vision for Nigeria’s maritime future. He underscored Nigeria’s unique position as a potential maritime powerhouse with its expansive coastline and rich marine resources. Omatseye advocated for rectifying past oversights, such as the absence of a national shipping line, and highlighted the imperative to address global concerns like climate change in the maritime industry.

The event was attended by influential figures in the maritime sector, including Oloworo of Oworo Oba Babatunde Saliu, FOLUKE AKINMOLADUN (Managing Solicitor, Trizon Law Chambers/Member ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR), Rollens Macfoy (new President of Women in Maritime Africa), Carolyn Akum Ufere (Independent Maritime Consultant), Emmanuel Iheanacho (retired Merchant Navy Captain and former Nigerian Minister of Interior), and Oritsematosan Edodo-Emore (President, Women In Maritime West and Central Africa, Nigerian branch), among many others.

The WISTA Business Luncheon 2023 not only unveiled the blueprint for Nigeria’s maritime renaissance but also sparked crucial conversations and collaborations essential for steering the nation’s maritime industry toward a more sustainable, economically robust future.

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