Coca-Cola Unveils Africa-Inspired Drink Designed by Kenyan Artist

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During President William Ruto’s recent visit to Coca-Cola’s headquarters in Atlanta on May 21, 2024, the beverage giant unveiled its latest creation: Coca-Cola Wozzaah Zero Sugar. This groundbreaking drink, conceptualized to celebrate Africa’s cultural richness, was introduced with great anticipation.

The spotlight shines brightly on Kenyan designer and illustrator Joy Richu, whose creative prowess is evident in her design for Coca-Cola Wozzaah Zero Sugar. Drawing inspiration from Africa’s diverse heritage, Richu’s artwork adorns the packaging, reflecting the continent’s vibrancy and creativity.

Joy Richu’s journey into the world of design and illustration traces back to her childhood fascination with visual storytelling. Through formal education in Digital Design at Vancouver Film School and Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia, she honed her skills, blending artistry with narrative to convey messages of unity and positive change. Her collaboration with Coca-Cola adds another illustrious chapter to her portfolio, joining esteemed brands like The New York Times, Diageo, and Mastercard.

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