‘I Want Burna Boy’: Chelsea Star Lauren James Expresses Interest in Nigerian Grammy-Winning Artiste

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Chelsea FC Women’s forward, Lauren James, has sparked intrigue by expressing her desire for a dinner date with Grammy-winning Nigerian sensation, Burna Boy.

The revelation came during a recent interview with Sky News, where the 22-year-old English footballer shared her fantasy dinner guest list. When asked which three people she would invite over for dinner, Lauren James cheekily responded, “You [the interviewer], Kevin Hart; he’s very funny. The third person would probably be a singer. I would say Burna Boy.”

Lauren James, who has been making waves as both an England international and Chelsea midfielder, candidly professed her admiration for Burna Boy during the interview. Her declaration of affection for the Nigerian superstar musician adds a captivating layer to her already impressive football career.

James’s link to Nigeria is not limited to her fascination with Burna Boy. Her role as a midfielder for the England national team brought her face-to-face with Nigeria during the FIFA Women’s World Cup, where the two sides clashed in an intense second-round encounter.

Burna Boy, known for his chart-topping hits and his 2020 Grammy Award-winning album “Twice as Tall,” is undoubtedly one of Africa’s most prominent musical exports. His fusion of Afrobeat and global influences has earned him international acclaim and a dedicated fan base around the world.

Lauren James’s public expression of interest in sharing a meal with Burna Boy has ignited excitement among fans of both football and music. It remains to be seen if this intriguing dinner date will ever materialize.

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