Meet Yinka Odeajo: The Republic of Ireland-based Nigeria’s Maverick of Media and Public Relations

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For over two decades, Yinka Odeajo has been acing Media Relations, Public Relations, Event Management Community Engagement, Trade and Investment like an octopus powerhouse, with remarkable works that have impacted many lives, international organisations and government agencies.

So how did Yinka end up using the power of the pen as his number one tool? This is a question that Yinka himself finds quite intriguing. After fulfilling a childhood fantasy of being equipped with a degree, along the line, the universe brought out the writer in him and dominant spoke life of forth about what was to be the beginning of a beautiful journey in the field of media.

Popularly known as “Yinka Bold,” he is a true visionary whose work is always synonymous with diligence, integrity, and excellence in terms of delivery. He is the founder and Managing Partner of “Custodian Global Consult” – a full-service public relations, advertising, talent, marketing, and digital agency.

What society thinks, believes, and views is a creation of the media. Our perception of reality is based purely upon what we see and hear. Learning how to control these messages within the media and the ability to gain the public’s trust and acceptance is a power that can be both beneficial and detrimental to society. Yinka Odeajo is a man known to hold a firm grip over media and public relations; a master in his craft. He knows the right buttons to push, the right angles to play, and utilizes his proficiencies to his and his clients’ advantage. His power yields the capability to sway a social concept or belief to something entirely different and can lead society into thinking that they came upon that new belief on their own. Step one in creating this power for oneself

“The key to persuasion” explains Yinka, “One of the biggest strengths in society today, is the power to persuade people to alter their view or definition of a given situation to an interpretation that more likely fits to our understanding. The ability to get someone to see something and then deliberately guide them through to a different impression requires a great understanding of that person’s psyche and mentality. This in turn can be achieved through PR work for various corporations or government officials. An artfully crafted PR campaign has the potential to create a different reality for the public and can lead them to holding a different opinion on a given situation or event. High level PR work often goes behind the scenes in media to further its agenda.”

Event Management being a direct action of a public relations campaign – Yinka has vast experience in both fields and has been very relevant to today’s culture and society. He has worked on, “Aje Festival”; “Duchess Annual International Women’s Conference”; “Monarchical Role in This New Society – A Case Study of the UK”; “Local government legislative & Administrative course”, Lagos State PMO’s Governor’s Parley and many more.

Yinka has practiced public relations through involvement with entertainment products. By using today’s culture as he knows it, Yinka has applied similar skills to those with corporate PR and still gets messages to relevant publics. With much more event management experience, it’s a change of action for the same results of getting messages across to relevant publics. But event management is a hands-on task that still requires good planning, organization, and an ability to handle any situation. This is why Yinka still considers it a public relations action.

Yinka has a strong ability and capacity to have successful relations with media and understand the importance of good media relations in a successful PR programme – and has strongly shown that throughout his career working with local and international corporate organizations, influential individuals and government agencies. His skills in media relations are backed by his strong and clear communication and good writing skills. His approach is usually to find innovative ways to get messages across and he is aware that getting the right message to the right publics is the essence of good communication.

Yinka, the multitalented, multi-creative powerhouse who is also the CEO of Invest Nigeria in Dublin, Ireland, has played a pivotal role in promoting trade and investment between Africa and Europe.

Yinka has also been at the fore front of promoting urban music in Ireland through the Ireland African Music Awards (IAMA), instrumental in showcasing African talent on a global stage. His commitment to community equality and equity is evident in his role as the Administrator/Secretary for Africa Community in Surrey & Sussex (ACISS).

On this special day, we celebrate Yinka Odeajo and his many accomplishments. His passion for media, community, and trade promotion is remarkable. Happy birthday, Yinka Bold!

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