MTN Blames Fibre Cut for the Communication Service Outage

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Due to a communication service outage on Tuesday, MTN Nigeria customers were left stuck for a number of hours.

Observations show that the communication blackout began in the afternoon and continued for many hours. Many MTN customers posted complaints about this network outage on social media.

Since it was Valentine’s Day, several people expressed concern about how their inability to call, text, or use the Internet may influence their capacity to speak with their significant others.

Additionally, some people’s ability to transfer money and pay for goods and services was hampered by the network outage. Nigerians have had to rely more and more on Mobile Network Providers to send money since a Central Bank of Nigeria policy forced many transactions online.

Many of the subscribers were irate that they couldn’t make calls or use the internet. This, according to many, had an impact on their work.

A fiber cut may have been to blame for the outage, according to an MTN source. The source confirmed that network outages had occurred in Lagos and Abuja.

The source said, “Yes, the network was down for over one hour. We are still trying to understand exactly what happened. But preliminary reports suggest a fibre cut. We don’t know the extent yet, but I can confirm Lagos and Abuja.

“We are monitoring and trying to resolve this as quickly as possible. It’s sad on a day like this.”

“For things like this, when you have issues like this, the primary concern is to fix things before knowing what has happened.

“The primary focus now is to restore the network and ensure that the customers have the best experience. It is an important day for many people. We are trying to restore the network fully, to optimal capacity. We would investigate after we have restored capacity.”

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