Namibia Donates $100,000 to Cyclone Freddy Survivors in Malawi

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The government of Namibia has approved a donation of $100,000 to Malawi to support survivors of Cyclone Freddy, which hit Southern Africa in late February. The announcement was made by Namibia’s ICT Minister Peya Mushelenga during a statement issued after the fourth cabinet meeting.

The devastating cyclone has claimed over 570 lives and affected more than half a million people in Malawi alone, as reported by the United Nations. The cyclone has left over 350,000 people in Malawi displaced and caused significant damage to over 80 health centers in total, according to the INGD.

Mozambique, which was hit by Cyclone Freddy for the second time, is now facing a cholera outbreak. Over 19,000 cases of cholera have been confirmed across the country, and at least 31 people have died in Zambezia. Health workers are working in parts of the hospital that were not destroyed, while others work outside in the open due to a lack of space.

Malawi has received significant amounts of cash and humanitarian aid since President Lazarus Chakwera declared the Southern Region a state of disaster and appealed for assistance. However, there is still much work to be done to ensure that survivors receive the help they need.

The donation from Namibia is expected to provide some relief to Malawi. The international community has provided significant assistance, but the long-term impact of Cyclone Freddy is yet to be fully understood. The situation is expected to worsen as time goes on, and it is clear that the cyclone has caused significant damage and loss of life in the affected countries.

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