Nigeria: Olori Aderonke Erinle Galvanizes Women for Political Participation and Empowerment

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The National Treasurer of Evolving Women In Progress, EWIP, Olori Adronke Erinle has charged women to form a formidable force in the Nigerian political landscape, in a bid to empower themselves and enhance their political participation.

Olori Aderonke made this known at EWIP Lagos Chapter’s first annual general meeting held in Ikeja. The event, which took place on the 26th of February, 2024, saw the inauguration of new executives, with Olori Aderonke Erinle, the National Treasurer of EWIP, delivering a passionate speech emphasizing the organization’s goals and impact areas.

She emphasized the goal of EWIP to empower women and increase their representation in governance, aiming for a female president and greater female participation in the Senate.

Erinle reiterated the importance of women’s voices being heard in Nigerian politics and the need for more women to be represented in key decision-making positions. She called on women to join EWIP and take advantage of the platform to strengthen themselves and make a difference in society.

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“About four years ago, EWIP was founded. We thank God that EWIP has gone beyond being a baby, and we have EWIP represented in the 36 states of Nigeria we also have EWIP diaspora, we have EWIP UK, we have EWIP US chapter, we have the UAE chapter, we have the Canada chapter, and we even plan to have more. So, we keep evolving and we keep spreading.”

“We want to be able to produce a female president in Nigeria and the fulfillment of that mission starts with you. We want more women in the Senate, not just as a small fraction. For a lot of women who want to be in politics, this is the platform to be on. And when you’re here and you need to move, we are your soldiers. We come up and support you. I want us to see EWIP in great numbers in a lot of strategic, innovative, powerful, impactful places. So you need to take good use, make good use of this group. If you’re a member of EWIP, then you should be flying. So we should work together as a team Because when we work together as a team, we work faster,” Olori Aderonke stated.

EWIP, a non-governmental organization dedicated to mitigating violence against women during elections and encouraging women’s participation in politics, has been at the forefront of advocating for women’s rights and empowerment in Nigeria. The organization, which is self-sponsored and has no government affiliations, has made significant strides in empowering women across all ages, religions, and tribes since its inception about a year ago.

The organization’s impact areas, which include advocacy for women’s participation in governance, women empowerment, advocacy for women’s rights, career development opportunities, and humanitarian services, reflect its commitment to promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment in Nigeria.

EWIP’s message of encouraging women to register, obtain their Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs), vote, and be voted for during elections highlights its commitment to achieving equal representation for women in politics. With a vision of seeing women included 50-50 in decision-making processes worldwide, EWIP continues to inspire and empower women to take their place in shaping the future of Nigeria.

The newly inaugurated executives of the Lagos chapter, led by Jumoke Saliu as Coordinator, are poised to drive the organization’s agenda forward and make a meaningful impact in the lives of women in Lagos State. As EWIP continues to grow and expand its reach, its message of empowerment and equality resonates strongly, inspiring women to take charge of their destinies and contribute to building a more inclusive and equitable society.

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