Nigeria: President Tinubu Sets Ambitious 5-Point Agenda for 2024

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In his candid New Year address, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu acknowledged the challenges faced by Nigerians and outlined an ambitious agenda for Nigeria’s future in 2024. The president touched on key issues such as economic reforms, security, and social welfare while urging citizens to remain resilient in the face of difficulties.

President Tinubu’s address highlighted the significance of 2023, marking a peaceful transition of power and the consolidation of Nigeria’s unbroken 24 years of democracy. The president underscored his commitment to the mandate given by the people, emphasizing his determination to improve the country’s economic landscape, enhance security, and foster national pride.

Economic Reforms
The president delved into the tough decisions taken to avert fiscal catastrophe, including the removal of the long-standing fuel subsidy and addressing issues within the foreign exchange system. Acknowledging the discomfort caused by these decisions, President Tinubu stressed their necessity for sustainable economic growth. He reaffirmed his commitment to codify and simplify fiscal and tax policies to create a more business-friendly environment, positioning Nigeria as a destination for local and foreign investments.

Infrastructure Development
President Tinubu outlined key projects aimed at transforming Nigeria’s infrastructure. He highlighted the commitment to accelerating the Siemens Energy power project and ongoing efforts to strengthen the national power grid. Additionally, he discussed plans to revitalize local refining of petroleum products through initiatives like the Port Harcourt Refinery and the Dangote Refinery.

Agricultural Initiatives
In response to rising costs and high inflation, the president emphasized plans to cultivate 500,000 hectares of farmland across the country, focusing on staple crops like maize, rice, wheat, and millet. The National Wheat Development Programme, launched in Jigawa State, symbolizes the administration’s dedication to ensuring constant food supply, security, and affordability.

Living Wage and Social Welfare
Addressing concerns about the cost of living, President Tinubu announced the implementation of a new national living wage for workers in 2024. He underscored the administration’s commitment to improving the material well-being of the poor, vulnerable, and working-class citizens, reinforcing the importance of economic policies that benefit all Nigerians.

Political Unity and Collaboration
Calling for unity beyond political differences, President Tinubu urged all Nigerians, including political opponents, to work together for the nation’s peace, progress, and stability. He emphasized that the collective efforts of the citizens are crucial for building a fair and equitable society, closing the gap of inequality, and ensuring every Nigerian has equal opportunities to thrive.

President Tinubu expressed his major ambition in government — to build a fair and equitable society. He called upon every Nigerian to play their part in this collective endeavor, emphasizing that the destiny of the nation is interconnected.

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