Nigerian Senate Set to Unveil App That Will Transform Budget Oversight with Real-time Monitoring

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The Deputy Speaker of Nigeria’s House of Representatives, Hon. Benjamin Okezie Kalu, has revealed plans for the imminent launch of the ‘NASS Eyes’ application. This cutting-edge tool is set to revolutionize how the parliament monitors budget transparency and implementation across various government entities.

Hon. Kalu, in a recent meeting with AFRILABS, a prominent high-tech company, underscored the strategic importance of ‘NASS Eyes’ in scrutinizing the performance of budgetary allocations to Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs). The app’s focus extends to ensuring adherence to the federal character principle, a critical facet of equitable representation within the government.

During the meeting, Hon. Kalu emphasized the need to leverage technology to enhance oversight functions. He explained that ‘NASS Eyes’ would provide parliamentarians with real-time insights into the operations of MDAs, enabling them to monitor activities continuously. This move away from relying solely on periodic paper submissions is seen as a significant step forward in promoting accountability.

The Deputy Speaker outlined key features of the app, stating, “We are thinking in that direction, and we are about launching what we call the ‘NASS EYES,’ the eyes that will be beaming the MDAs while they are working.” He highlighted the expectation for MDAs to upload key performance indicators, allowing for a comprehensive analysis of budget performance well before official presentations.

The move is driven by a recognition that rushed budget presentations often lack the necessary detail for effective scrutiny. By employing technology, ‘NASS Eyes’ aims to address this shortcoming, providing a detailed and continuous view of MDA activities.

Hon. Kalu’s vision for the app extends beyond budget oversight. He sees technology as a tool to assess the impact of constituency projects, ensure fair distribution of federal character projects, and increase overall transparency and accountability in governance.

Expressing confidence in the transformative power of technology, the Deputy Speaker believes that ‘NASS Eyes’ will play a pivotal role in driving accountability and transparency in leadership. His commitment to innovation aligns with a broader global trend where governments are increasingly turning to technology to enhance governance practices.

In her presentation, Mrs. Anna Ekeledo, the Executive Director of AFRILABS, highlighted the company’s commitment to supporting organizations across Africa through capacity building and innovative solutions. The collaboration with the Nigerian parliament underscores the potential for technology to reshape traditional governance models and pave the way for a more transparent and accountable future. The launch of ‘NASS Eyes’ is anticipated to be a milestone in Nigeria’s journey towards leveraging technology for effective governance.

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