President Tinubu Honors Chinua Achebe with M18 Road Naming in Abuja

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President Bola Tinubu has approved the naming of the M18 road infrastructure in the Guzape District of Abuja after the legendary novelist, Chinua Achebe. The announcement was made during the road’s official opening ceremony on Saturday, June 8.

President Tinubu highlighted Achebe’s monumental contributions to literature and culture in his speech, recognizing the author’s enduring legacy in shaping Nigerian and African storytelling. Achebe, best known for his novel Things Fall Apart, is celebrated globally for his profound impact on literature, his exploration of African identity, and his critique of colonialism.

Olusegun Dada, President Tinubu’s Special Assistant on Social Media, confirmed the news in a post. He wrote, “President Bola Ahmed Tinubu commissions the M18 road infrastructure in Abuja’s Guzape district. Names road after Nigerian Novelist and Poet, late Professor Chinua Achebe.”

The M18 road, now bearing Achebe’s name, is expected to serve as a vital artery in the Guzape District, enhancing connectivity and development in the area. This naming not only honors Achebe’s legacy but also aligns with President Tinubu’s vision of recognizing and celebrating Nigerian icons who have contributed to the nation’s global stature.

Chinua Achebe’s work remains a cornerstone of African literature, and this gesture by the Nigerian government underscores the nation’s pride in its cultural heritage. As citizens traverse the newly inaugurated road, they will be reminded of Achebe’s literary prowess and his dedication to portraying the complexities of African life and history.

This move has been widely praised by literary enthusiasts and the general public, who view it as a fitting homage to a man whose words have transcended time and place. The M18 road in Guzape District now stands as a symbol of Nigeria’s rich cultural tapestry and its commitment to honoring those who have shaped its narrative on the world stage.

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