President Tinubu to Launch 11 Natural Health Products in October 2024 to Revolutionize Healthcare in Nigeria

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President Bola Tinubu is set to introduce 11 natural health products in October 2024, aiming to transform healthcare in Nigeria. This initiative comes at a crucial time, with Nigerians facing rising prices of conventional medicines.

Uche Geoffrey Nnaji, the Minister of Innovation, Science, and Technology, highlighted the scope of the project, stating, “These are not the only products we have. We still have 15-20 products on the shelf.” He stressed the importance of research and development funding, emphasizing the need for further exploration in this sector.

Prof Martins Emeje, the Director-General of Nigeria Natural Medicine Development Agency, disclosed the significant health challenges in the country. He stated, “Not fewer than 25 million people are sufferers of sickle cell anemia in Nigeria. We have a sickle cell product that has the highest number of plant extracts in the world. And we have the one for Diabetes. We have done all the necessary laboratory and animal testing and investigations, and we can say these products work.”

The introduction of these innovative products is expected to create approximately 2 million jobs, providing a significant economic boost. Prof Emeje highlighted Nigeria’s potential, saying, “Nigeria has the highest plant biodiversity in Africa. So, if we are talking about contribution to health, in the herbal area, is Nigeria not supposed to be number 1? We are ready to get Nigeria out of the chain of slavery of the 21st century which essentially is what importation does to us.”

Under President Tinubu’s Renewed Hope agenda, Prof Martins Emeje has introduced six new products targeting sickle cell anemia, diabetes, upper respiratory tract infections, anti-ageing, and more, demonstrating a commitment to advancing natural medicine and improving the nation’s health landscape.

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