President Tinubu Urges Diaspora Health Workers to Contribute to Nigeria’s Health Sector Revitalization

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President Bola Tinubu has implored health professionals from the diaspora to return to their homeland, in a bid to bolster Nigeria’s healthcare system. The plea was made on Tuesday during the unveiling of Nigeria’s Health Sector Renewal Investment Initiative at the State House, Abuja.

President Tinubu emphasized the administration’s commitment to prioritizing and strengthening the country’s health system through substantial expenditures, with plans outlined in the forthcoming 2024 budget.

Addressing the audience, President Tinubu urged health workers abroad to “sacrifice their time to come back home and serve their people.” He underscored the significance of this migration of talent in reinforcing Nigeria’s healthcare landscape and meeting the diverse needs of its population.

President Tinubu, acknowledging the global competition for skilled medical professionals, also appealed to nations poaching Nigerian talent to consider Nigeria’s interests. This call comes amid concerns about the brain drain affecting the nation’s healthcare sector.

Outlining the vision for the sector, Tinubu detailed plans for a comprehensive overhaul, including redesigning physical infrastructure, upgrading equipment, and retraining frontline health workers. The initiative, set to kick off in 2024, aligns with Tinubu’s assertion that health is a fundamental human right.

At the event, which coincided with Universal Health Coverage Day, President Tinubu reiterated Nigeria’s commitment to achieving universal healthcare. He stated, “Nigeria’s commitment to achieving Universal Health Care Coverage is reflected in the unwavering dedication of my administration to uphold this right for every individual, young or old, in rural or urban areas.”

Part of the day’s activities included the signing of the Health Renewal Compact by federal and state authorities, along with development partners. President Tinubu expressed his optimism, emphasizing that the occasion marked a collective opportunity for reflection and action as the nation recommits itself to the noble pursuit of health for all.

In pledging to deliver improved quality health, President Tinubu positioned this initiative as a foundational element of his promise of “Renewed Hope” to Nigerians. With multilateral partners and agencies on board, health is now firmly back on the national agenda, rekindling hope for a healthier and more robust healthcare system for all citizens.

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