Renowned Educator Ronke Soyombo Launch Transformative Book on Nigerian Education

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Mrs. Ronke Soyombo, an award-winning and accomplished educator with over 30 years of experience in Nigeria and the UK, has officially launched her latest book aimed at revolutionizing the Nigerian educational system. Soyombo, known for her passion for teaching and profound impact on children’s lives, has crafted a book that addresses the unique challenges faced by Nigerian students and offers practical solutions to enhance literacy and comprehension.

Soyombo’s journey in education began in secondary school, where she taught mathematics. Her passion for teaching children and seeing their development over time has been a driving force throughout her career. “I love teaching children, impacting their lives. Seeing the outcome, just like when you see a new child on the first day of school and at the end of the year, the impact is profound on the child,” she shared.

A pivotal moment in her career occurred when she frequently visited Nigeria from the UK and witnessed children hawking plantains. Moved by their plight, she realized the need to provide more substantial support. Her husband’s encouragement led her to return to Nigeria, where she has since dedicated herself to improving the education system, particularly in public schools.

Soyombo’s extensive experience includes roles as Director of Quality Assurance in Lagos State, Director-General in various states including Osun, Edo, and Abuja, and ongoing work in Ogun State. Her insight into the deficiencies of imported educational materials, which often lack local content, inspired her to write a book that is deeply rooted in Nigerian culture and history.

“We and our children need to know and understand our history, culture, and origins,” Soyombo emphasized. Her book features poems, historical narratives, and instructional writing that celebrate Nigeria’s rich heritage. For instance, she adapted the poem ‘Mama Africa’ to ‘Mama Nigeria’ to reflect the country’s unique experiences and resources.

The book also tackles common educational challenges, such as improving comprehension and writing skills. “Readers are writers, and my Minders Literacy Books correct these problems, thereby offering practicable solutions,” Soyombo explained. Her work integrates the Nigerian curriculum, linking grammar, comprehension, and writing, and includes exercises for the entire academic session.

Soyombo’s book has already received positive feedback from teachers, who have noted its significant impact. By highlighting inspirational figures like Adebayo Ogunlesi and celebrating successes in various fields, Soyombo aims to motivate students and instill a sense of pride in their heritage.

With chapters covering different genres and focusing on Nigeria’s six geopolitical zones, Soyombo’s book is a comprehensive educational tool that promises to trigger and motivate children to read. Her dedication to transforming education in Nigeria is evident, and her new book is a testament to her commitment to making a lasting impact on the lives of Nigerian students.

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