Sammy Okposo’s Wife, Ozioma Reflects on a Year Without Her “Dim Oma”

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Ozioma Okposo, the wife of the late gospel artiste Sammie Okposo, commemorated the one-year anniversary of her husband’s passing. Sharing intimate snapshots of moments shared, Ozioma poured out her heart in a heartfelt tribute to the man she affectionately referred to as “Dim oma.”

In her post on Instagram, Ozioma expressed a mix of emotions with emojis encapsulating love, sorrow, and nostalgia. She remarked, “Sammie!!! Dim oma!!!! hmmmmm 😢❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. It’s been a whole year without you here, my love😢. I’m doing better, family and friends have been amazing too, and His grace is working for me.”

The post not only captured the pain of loss but also conveyed Ozioma’s resilience and gratitude for the support she has received. Acknowledging the challenges of the past year, she affirmed, “I will always celebrate and cherish the memories we made together😘❤️.” The tone of the post exuded a bittersweet acknowledgment of the healing process, appreciating the positive influences surrounding her.

Ozioma chose to celebrate Sammie’s life rather than dwell on the sorrow of his absence. “I celebrate you today and always, I celebrate the gift that you were to me, the world and the body of Christ🙏. Keep resting, my King! Dim oma!, the Legend!, the Maestro!!!” Her words carried a profound acknowledgment of the impact Sammie had not only in her life but also in the broader context of the world and the Christian community.

Expressing the depth of her yearning, Ozioma shared, “I miss you, I miss us. Your jokes, our dance, your surprises, your singing especially the very early morning ones🤦‍♀️😄😄😄, your laughter, your companion, your hugs, your very long prayers lol, mmmmm.” This glimpse into the couple’s shared moments highlighted the personal aspects of their relationship, making it relatable to those who followed Sammie’s work and life.

Sammie Okposo, a renowned gospel singer, passed away in November 2022 at the age of 51. The news of his death was a profound loss to the music industry and his global fanbase.

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