Tinubu Congratulates AfDB President Adesina on Winning Awolowo Prize for Leadership

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In a momentous celebration of leadership and excellence, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has extended his heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, the President of the African Development Bank (AfDB) on the award of the Obafemi Awolowo Prize for Leadership. Adesina’s well-deserved recognition as the recipient of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo Prize for Leadership comes after years of career success and achievements.

A Distinguished Honor
The Obafemi Awolowo Prize for Leadership is a beacon of distinction, honoring individuals who exemplify exceptional leadership qualities. Dr. Adesina joins an illustrious list of previous awardees, including Nigeria’s Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, former South African President, Thabo Mbeki, and esteemed lawyer-educationist, Chief Afe Babalola.

Transforming Agriculture and Ensuring Food Security
Tinubu commended Dr. Adesina for his visionary and noble endeavors aimed at transforming agriculture across Africa. As the former Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Adesina introduced groundbreaking initiatives such as the Growth Enhancement Schemes, revolutionizing Nigeria’s agricultural value chains. His commitment to ensuring food security on the continent has not gone unnoticed.

A Record of Excellence
Dr. Akinwumi Adesina’s unblemished record, tried-and-tested integrity, and immense leadership strides have garnered global recognition. Notably, he was awarded the World Food Prize in 2017, further solidifying his impact on the world stage.

A Message of Well-Wishes
President Tinubu expressed his best wishes for Dr. Adesina’s continued success at the AfDB. He emphasized the importance of Adesina’s service to Africa and humanity at large. As the sun sets over Lagos, the echoes of this remarkable achievement resonate throughout the continent, inspiring future leaders to follow in Adesina’s footsteps.

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