Urgent Plea from Nigerian Governors’ Spouses Sparks National Call for Action Against Drug Abuse

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The Nigeria Governors’ Spouses Forum (NGSF) has issued a fervent appeal to both the federal and state governments, urging them to declare a state of emergency concerning the scourge of drug abuse and illicit drug trafficking within the nation.

This plea follows a comprehensive communiqué jointly signed by the Forum’s Chairperson, Ambassador Olufolake Abdulrasaq, First Lady of Kwara State, after a rigorous two-day Drug Prevention Treatment and Care (DPTC) training session organized by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) for state governors’ wives in Abuja.

Among the crucial agreements reached is the imperative need to revitalize the State Drug Control Committees (SDCC) to combat drug proliferation. Additionally, there was a unanimous agreement to bolster existing rehabilitation programs and prompt states lacking such initiatives to establish them promptly, aiming for a comprehensive approach to recovery.

Furthermore, the communiqué highlights the endorsement of proactive measures, such as fostering strong parental guidance through collaborative efforts with parent-teacher associations and community outreach programs. The adoption of NDLEA’s Drug Integrity Testing Policy was also underscored as a crucial step towards early detection and intervention, thereby thwarting the progression to addiction.

In a bid to augment the battle against drug abuse and trafficking, the Forum pledged to facilitate enhanced collaboration between state governments, NDLEA, and other security agencies. Moreover, they committed to supporting the establishment of standardized drug rehabilitation centers across the nation, strategically distributed to ensure accessibility and affordability, thereby mitigating the challenges of treatment.

In a move to consolidate their efforts, the Forum embraced the Drug Abuse Prevention Treatment and Care (DPTC) programs as a flagship initiative, chaired by the first ladies of respective states. This initiative aims to destigmatize drug treatment, particularly for women, and to ensure widespread access to rehabilitation services.

Additionally, the Forum resolved to foster partnerships with the private sector and civil society organizations to bolster the development of treatment facilities nationwide. They also pledged active collaboration with NDLEA Commands at the state level, integrating DPTC into all anti-drug intervention programs.

Recognizing the multifaceted repercussions of drug abuse, including heightened criminality, social disruption, and economic instability, the Forum reiterated its commitment to combating this menace. They lauded the efforts of NDLEA and Brigadier General Mohamed Buba Marwa (Retd), particularly acknowledging their achievements in arrests, prosecutions, and public awareness campaigns.

The governors’ spouses affirmed their readiness to translate the knowledge gained from the training into actionable steps within their respective states. Brigadier General Mohamed Buba Marwa (Retd), Chairman/Chief Executive of NDLEA, commended the Forum for their dedication and urged them to disseminate the lessons learned to effect real change across the nation.

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