Victony Takes Time Off Music Following Third Surgery: Shares Journey of Healing and Promise of New Music

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Nigerian rapper and singer, Victony has announced that he will be taking a two-month break from music to focus on his health. The “Outlaws” artist shared the news in a post on his Instagram, which included an X-ray photo of his progress and a message to his fans.

According to Victony, he has just concluded his third surgery, which was a “smooth and not so smooth experience,” and doctors have advised him to take a break from performing. The artist, who was Nigeria’s first-ever Spotify singles artist, expressed his excitement about new projects he has been working on, and asked for fans to stay with him and pray for him during his recovery.

Victony also hinted at a deluxe version of his album “Outlaws” in the future. Fans may recall that the artist suffered a serious car accident back in 2021, which left him in a wheelchair and unable to walk for several months. The accident also took the life of his friend, Doyin.

In his post, Victony emphasized the importance of taking care of one’s health and how it can impact creativity and success. “I am dedicated to

the little things because, a succession of them becomes a great thing,” Victony wrote in his post. “I am taking this time off to focus on my health and well-being, but I promise to be back stronger and better.”

The music industry and fans alike are sending their love and support to Victony during this time. We wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to hearing more of his amazing music in the future.

Joseph Omoniyi

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