APC Professional Women Coordinators and Deputies Hold First Global Meeting in Abuja

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The APC Professional Women Coordinators and Deputies convened their inaugural meeting in Abuja on Monday, drawing participants from across the globe. The landmark event aimed to enhance the council’s visibility and effectiveness from the national to the grassroots level.

Discussions during the meeting focused on improving the council’s presence and impact, with a strong emphasis on fostering collaboration and professional excellence among women at all levels. Attendees lauded the inter-locality cooperation and shared their experiences on advancing women’s roles in their respective regions.

Hon. Ronke Soyombo, who leads the council, praised the maternal instincts and dedication of the attendees, affirming the council’s commitment to ongoing support. “Your unwavering concern and commitment to our collective goals inspire us all,” Soyombo remarked. “We are dedicated to providing continuous support and innovative solutions for all women within our localities.”

APC Professional Women Council Holds Exclusive Meeting with Coordinators and Deputies

Opening the event, the APC Professional Women Council held an exclusive meeting with all coordinators and their deputies to further cement the mission of making professional women in the ruling party the voice of reasoning in Nigeria’s polity.

The meeting, headed by the National Director, Mrs. Ronke Soyombo, organized the participants into regional groups of executives to deepen the foundations for effective leadership at the localities. Mrs. Soyombo stressed the need for this grouping, emphasizing, “This will enable our coordinators and their deputies to increase and mobilize women of value into the organization and create the opportunity for being elected into offices at the elections.”

The discussions aimed to strengthen the council’s mission, enhance collaboration, and ensure impactful leadership across all regions. The council also explored new strategies to deliver comprehensive services to women. These innovative approaches are aimed at ensuring well-rounded support and development opportunities for women in every community where the council operates. The meeting concluded with a renewed sense of purpose and unity among the coordinators and deputies, setting a strong foundation for future initiatives.

Honouring Hon. Fatima Talba as the Matron

To conclude the day’s outline and cementing the bid to improve the lives of women under the aegis of the APC Professional Women Council, a delegation led by the National Director of the council, Mrs. Ronke Soyombo, presented the sash of Matron to Hon. Fatima Talba, representing Yobe’s Nangere/Potiskum Federal Constituency in the 10th House of Representatives under the platform of the ruling party, All Progressives Congress (APC).

To the cheers of everyone present, Mrs. Ronke Soyombo placed the sash on Hon. Fatima Talba’s neck, officially bestowing her with the honour of being the Matron of the APC Professional Women Council.

Accepting the honour, Hon. Fatima Talba said, “Thank you for this honour. I appreciate it. This responsibility, I will use it judiciously and ensure that we continue to uplift and empower women across our communities.”

APC Professional Women Council Visits Hon. Otunba Adewunmi Oriyomi Onanuga

Kick starting the second day’s programme, The APC Professional Women Council made a courtesy call on Hon. Otunba Adewunmi Oriyomi Onanuga, the Deputy Chief Whip, House of Representatives representing Ikenne/Sagamu/Remo North Federal Constituency, on Tuesday, June 25, making a bold statement of women challenging the status quo in the nation’s political sphere.

Led by the National Director, Mrs. Ronke Soyombo, the council expressed an earnest desire to be included in leveling the playing field for members to contest in elections. She highlighted the professionalism within the council, stating that its members are ready to stand and be counted whenever the need arises.

Receiving the council, Hon. Onanuga, known for her blunt approach to challenges, thanked the delegation for deeming it fit to check in with her. She also charged the council members to ensure they make their presence known and create value wherever they are, as this often paves the way in politics.

“Thank you for the courtesy visit. Professional women in politics is a baby I can say we birthed together. To a certain extent, I understand what it is all about. Albeit some members are not really sure what the council is all about. Members should ask themselves, what is it all about, what are my objectives? What are my aims? What do I hope to achieve? Because if you don’t do that, you would just be following the crowd,” Hon. Onanuga remarked.

She emphasized the need for members to be of value to the council and addressed the delegation, charging the intending members who may want to contest in elections to ask themselves critical questions. “What is your capacity to contest? What are the groundwork that you have done in your constituency?” she queried, urging them to prepare adequately for political challenges ahead.

APC to Adopt E-Registration to Verify Membership Numbers, Calls for Increased Female Participation in Politics

Rounding off the two-day programme, The All Progressives Congress (APC) is championing the cause for greater involvement of women in politics while also adopting e-registration to accurately determine the true number of its members nationwide. This dual initiative was announced by Mr. Suleiman Argungu, the National Organising Secretary of the party, during a courtesy visit by Mrs. Ronke Soyombo, the National Director of the APC Professional Women Council, along with all the coordinators and their deputies.

“Between 2022 and 2023, it was claimed that our party had a certain number of registered members and supporters, which we believe is not accurate compared to the election results,” Argungu stated, highlighting the need for reliable membership data. He emphasized that the new e-registration initiative aims to provide a clear picture of membership distribution across wards, local governments, and all 36 states. “We want to be certain of what we have on the ground,” he said.

During the visit, Argungu expressed strong support for the APC Professional Women Council and emphasized the need for increased female participation in politics. He urged the women to mobilize for the upcoming e-registration of members, emphasizing the importance of having a strong female presence during primary elections. “Very soon, we will be requesting for members from the state chapters, from a reputable organization as yours to be sending people for conferences, especially those people in the grassroots will be properly educated on how to even participate in politics, especially when it comes to elections

“I’m sure you’re aware of the e-registration that have begun across the country that has just been launched some weeks back. So we want to urge you as women, as mothers to encourage the supporters because that will show your strength more. When it comes to primary elections and you have good membership and reasonable numbers, then you can compete with the males.

“You mentioned that men outnumber women in primaries, so it’s crucial to mobilize and ensure a substantial female representation to achieve victory,” he said. “I encourage you to gather a significant number of women that we can be proud of; our push for e-registration stems from our past experiences,” he added.

“We want to be sure of the number of members we have in each ward, local government and in each 36 states of the Federation. You must mobilize to achieve a significant presence to ensure victory,” he said, encouraging the council to register a notable number of women.

Mrs. Soyombo reinforced this message, calling for greater involvement of women in the forthcoming governorship elections in Edo and Ondo states. “We seek the inclusion of women in key committees for these elections,” she said, advocating for capable members to serve on critical committees and support women at the grassroots level. ‘What we are looking for is for the party organ to include women in the Edo and Ondo governorship election as members of key committees. We have able members who can serve as members of critical committees,” she said

The visit and the discussions underscore the APC’s commitment to gender inclusivity and the active participation of women in Nigeria’s political landscape.

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