Nigerian Comedian Survives Near-Death Experience After Being Defibrillated 36 Times

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Samson Adeleke, popularly known as Mc Fantasy, has shared his miraculous story of surviving cardiac arrest after being defibrillated 36 times to rescue him from the medical condition.

The Nigerian comedian, who is currently based in the United States of America, revealed his plans to release a memoir titled ‘Anecdotes’ to chronicle his journey to recovery after surviving the near-death experience.

Speaking about the incident, Mc Fantasy recounted how he went for his annual medical check-up on October 11, 2021, and everything was fine.

However, the following day, he felt a sharp pain in his left chest as he was going to bed. When he woke up the next day, the pain persisted, prompting him to ask his partner to take him to the hospital. Unfortunately, he lost consciousness on arrival, and multiple cardiac arrests followed.

The comedian stated that he was defibrillated 36 times before his heart rhythm stabilized, and he was finally able to recover.

He expressed his gratitude to the doctor who did not give up on him. Following the cardiac arrest, he underwent two operations and regained consciousness days later.

It was then that he learned of the ordeal he had been through, and he was amazed to have survived such an experience.

Mc Fantasy revealed that after running several tests, the doctor attributed the cardiac arrest to an unknown cause known as Idiopathic.

The comedian also disclosed that he had been placed on cholesterol medication after a high level of cholesterol was found in his body.

In celebration of his 40th birthday, Mc Fantasy plans to release his memoir, ‘Anecdotes,’ where he will reflect on his experiences and insights on how he has influenced some decisions and become the person he is today. He also plans to release a song titled ‘Reason’ with Shefzy and Drew.

Mc Fantasy began his career as a host of events in Nigeria before relocating to the US in 2014 for his Master’s degree at Western Illinois University.


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