Nigerian Singer Ruger Declares Readiness for Marriage at Afronation Festival

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Nigerian singer Michael Adebayo Olayinka, popularly known as Ruger, has taken fans by surprise with his recent announcement about being ready for marriage. During his performance at the Afronation Festival in Portugal, the 24-year-old artist engaged the crowd with a personal revelation that highlighted a significant shift in his life.

As he paused between songs, Ruger posed a question to the audience, asking if they thought he was ready for marriage. Despite the crowd’s overwhelming response suggesting otherwise, Ruger confidently asserted, “I think I’m ready for marriage. I am a changed man now.”

Ruger’s declaration marks a notable transformation in his personal life. The singer, who previously claimed he could love five women equally at the same time, has now emphasized his readiness for a committed relationship. He has been open about his ability to fall in love easily, often stating that gifts and compliments are key to winning his heart.

This announcement at Afronation Festival has sparked a wave of reactions from fans and followers, who have seen a different side of the singer known for his hit songs and vibrant performances. Ruger’s candidness about his evolving perspective on love and relationships adds a new dimension to his public persona.

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