‘The Bold’, Yinka Odeajo Becomes First Black Male President of Rotary Club of Crawley, UK

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Yinka Odeajo has been appointed as the first black male and 71st president of the Rotary Club of Crawley, UK. Known for his extensive experience in business, education, and community service, Yinka brings a fresh perspective and a strong commitment to his new leadership role within the club.

Reflecting on his journey, Yinka shared, “I was brought into Rotary some years ago, and the essence of coming into Rotary is to serve. As a student of power, it is a huge honor for me to become the first black male and 71st president of the Rotary Club of Crawley. I’ve always been a whispering voice to power, providing support to the people in power, but now, I’ve become one to be whispered to, and I am privileged to serve in every true sense of the word.”

A Vision for Diversity and Mental Health Advocacy

Yinka’s vision for the Rotary Club of Crawley is to reposition it as a multicultural hub and the best club in the district in terms of community outreach. “I want to reposition the Rotary Club of Crawley in terms of making it a multicultural club. I also want it to be the best club in the district in terms of reaching out to the community, and I’m confident that my fellow Rotarians will support me in doing this,” he said.

A major focus of Yinka’s presidency will be mental health. “The mental well-being of people is very important. People are falling into mental health issues because of the pressure of life and the cost of living, and we really need to pay attention and help ourselves as that is one of the bases of humanity,” he emphasized. Yinka plans to bring together agencies and stakeholders, collaborating with organizations like Alliance for Better Care to support this cause.

Yinka’s journey began in Nigeria, where he attended Surulere Baptist Primary School and Government College Lagos, before graduating from the University of Jos. He is also a researcher in United Kingdom at the University of Kent.

Understanding the unique challenges faced by the black community, Yinka is currently involved in research concerning the mental well-being of this demographic at the University of Kent. Through his research, he aims to initiate meaningful dialogue and inspire actionable change within both the community and broader society.

A Multifaceted Professional and Community Leader

Yinka’s professional journey is marked by impressive accomplishments and leadership positions. As the managing partner of Custodian Global Consult Limited, a well-respected consultancy firm, Yinka has demonstrated his expertise in strategic media solutions and business management. He has overseen international events, including the Duchess International Women’s Day Conference, which connects, empowers, and celebrates African women globally.

Yinka is also the creative force behind Bold and Beautiful Magazine International, a platform dedicated to showcasing and uplifting individuals through inspiring stories of resilience and triumph. As the editor-in-chief, Yinka curates impactful content that resonates with a diverse global audience.

In his role within the African Community in Surrey & Sussex (ACISS), Yinka works tirelessly to empower and assist the African diaspora. Through his leadership, ACISS bridges cultural divides and promotes mutual understanding among diverse groups. His mission to champion initiatives that promote fairness and inclusivity underscores his dedication to creating a just society where everyone has equal opportunities for success.

Leading the Rotary Club of Crawley

As Yinka takes on the presidency of the Rotary Club of Crawley, he brings with him a wealth of experience and a deep-rooted commitment to service. His leadership is expected to inject fresh ideas and a renewed sense of purpose into the club’s activities, elevating its impact on the community and paving the way for positive changes and growth.

The Rotary Club of Crawley is dedicated to community service, fostering development, and promoting peace and goodwill. With a rich history and a commitment to diversity and inclusivity, the club strives to make a positive impact locally and globally.

The Rotary Club of Crawley is excited about the transformative impact of Yinka’s tenure and looks forward to a promising future under his capable leadership.

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