“Provide infrastructure to the last mile” – Remita Managing Director, Deremi Atanda

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Remita Payment Services Limited’s managing director, Deremi Atanda, has urged for the development of high-quality infrastructure to facilitate the expansion of digital payments in Nigeria.

In a release, it was noted that Deremi “emphasised the significance of proper infrastructure development to enable a viable digital payment system in the country” during his remarks at the first SystemSpecs Tech Innovation Webinar Series event, organised in collaboration with FintechNGR.

The event’s theme, “Cashless policy: Sustaining digital payments beyond the currency redesign,” drew fintech professionals who discussed the best ways to support digital payments in Nigeria, including Tomilola Majekodinmu, founder and CEO of Bankly, Dr. Henrietta Onwuegbuzie, and Demola Igbalajobi, managing director of SystemSpecs Technology Services.

He said, “Provide infrastructure to the last mile, ensure there is awareness, and that is where we talk about the four A paradigm. The first one is ‘awareness’, people must know what there is; the second is ‘adoption’; the third is ‘acceptance’ and the fourth is ‘acculturation’ making it a way of life where you keep reinventing the first three As.”

Deremi emphasised the value of the cashless policy in boosting financial inclusion, lowering the cost of currency management, and improving the effectiveness of the payment system during the webinar.

He cautioned that the strategy needed a massive overhaul of Nigeria’s infrastructure in order to be successful.

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